My Story​

Many of you have asked me ”Sunny, how is it you’re able to be successful at trading or be successful at your programs because it seems like they’re always working out for you?”, now, this may be true, but it wasn’t always this way. You see when I first started I had no idea where I was going to go. I kept trying this, kept trying that moving from one shiny object to another trying to make things work because I knew there had to be something, there had to be a way of being able to make this whole online thing work. And as I did, I made that commitment in TIME; I made that commitment in MONEY; I made that commitment to finding a mentor and a system that would work for me, and it wasn’t easy… I flopped several times and then when I came to trying the next thing I got back up and did it again. Then one day, I felt that I found the perfect solution. Right away I was so excited because finally, I’d found something that was working, which was trading. I was so excited that I wanted to share it with everyone; As I started sharing it with others it was incredibly fulfilling, but there was another barrier that I never expected…

It was the emotional roller coaster… OH, MY GOD! lol

The emotional roller started when I saw myself constantly glued to the screen hoping that the coin would go up, praying, and then when it didn’t hit my mark…

I would get frustrated, anxious, stressed, mad, depressed and I used to be like ”how the heck do people do this for a living?”.

As fate would have it, it wasn’t long after I asked the questions that my trading mentor said to me ”Sunny, you got to have a control of your emotions”, and I’m like ”That’s great but how the heck do I do that? how can I have control over my emotions?”. Well, the thing that I learned was that there was a couple of angles I could take that would help me master my emotions in this crypto-world.

The first was being aware of how I’m feeling and the control that money had over ME!!! Then start to change that because this game is about ME having control over my emotions and NOT money having control over my emotions. So I had a coach that specifically helped me with my mindset, and he continues to do that on an ongoing basis. That was step one…

But then I also knew that I was missing something else that there had to be a plan, there had to be a system that worked, and I found that system. This was step two … Implementing a SUCCESSFUL SYSTEM!

The first part of the system that I’m specifically talking about in this case is understanding that trading is the active growth of my income. I get to study, analyze, continue learning and implementing. I also get to share my journey, and it feels amazing… I believe it is because I’m in there learning, loving it, sharing it, and helping others while I’m picking up on even more patterns. I’m constantly learning from my successes and my failures. I’m learning from everything I’m doing and it’s getting better and better, and that’s part of what you see. But remember, it wasn’t always that way. I made a big shift when I gained CLARITY of how this piece of the puzzle fit into the bigger picture. Knowing that I would be hitting more successes than failures brought a peace of mind…because I knew there would always be another opportunity in the near future. And with my refined skills…I started hitting more of the wins, more often! So part one of the system was in place…

The second part of this system came about when my mentor helped me see the value of diversification, particularly by adding the appropriate passive residual sources of income. Great advice…but, “What the heck do I do for the passive side in a way that is safe and effective?”. This part took a while. Remember, I had failed before, and part of the gift in that is the experience and knowledge of mistakes to avoid. As I implemented that experience, knowledge and clarity, I discovered the perfect programs that fit perfectly into my passive residual portion of my puzzle. Oh, am I glad I added this part!

Now there was a nice balance and it made it a heck of a lot easier to be able to work through my emotions because if something wasn’t going well in my trading, I could always fall back on the fact that my passive continues to grow and I could wait out a trade… then when the moment was right (like right now that the Alt-Coins are going up) I could be more aggressive in my trading while feeling calm, relaxed, empowered, joyful and having peace of mind.

Now I had the system that worked. But if you noticed, there is a system within a system…Did you catch it?

In my passive residual part of the system, I had to have a system for which passive residual programs were appropriate for me… so my mentors helped me put that together (along with my past experiences of course!)…

This was so powerful, that I even chose to make a little video explaining my decision process. I’m sharing this with you so you can see how that mindset works… take the time to watch it a few times. It will help you understand how each piece of the puzzle fits in perfectly.

There is power in CLARITY, and once you have that…there is no stopping you. So make sure you don’t skip this step. Go watch the video…Did you watch it? If no, then stop reading & watch it. If yes, continue reading

Once you have clarity, you know where to focus your energy. When you have clear focused energy, the feelings inside of you are nothing short of amazing. Imagine being able to trade from a place of joy, empowerment, appreciation, enthusiasm and enjoying the freedom of peace of mind. That is powerful!!! And to top it off, if you’ve implemented your diversification plan, then you also have passive residual income being created regardless of what you’re doing in your trading…how FUN is that!!!

This is my “no-holds-barred” success blueprint. That is it…nothing crazy or complicated. It’s just following the active and passive blueprint and adjusting as you go.

I’m just sharing with you the thought process so that you understand how it all works together and then put the two together…WATCH YOURSELF SOAR!!!

With all my heart, I wish you the utmost success and pray that you continue to achieve your dreams. Remember, success leaves clues, but it is up to you to take action and implement.

To your success,






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